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Peelable Paint

Peelable & Removable
Customizable Colors
Waxable, Buffable, Wet sand
High Gloss, Matte & Satin FInishes
Does not shrink like vinyl

Performance Upgrades

Custom Wheels
Custom Solutions

Body Kits

Top Quality Brands
Installation & Fitment
Custom Fabrication

Custom Paint

OEM grade quality
Unlimited Colors
Chrome Delete / Blackout
Custom Wheel Refinishing
OEM grade quality

AutoFlex Coatings / Peelable Paint

Prices subject to change without notice

Full Vehicle

*Starting From
Small/Compact Size Car

ColorShift / Special Pearls

*Starting From
ZTN/ZTA & Custom Colors

Blackout Packages

*Starting From
Grill, Window Trim, Mirrors


Per Door
Color Matched or Black

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The next generation in Peelable Paint

Q: Is it Paint or Is it wrap?

A: Autoflex is bit of both. It is the next generation of peelable Paint, It is based on Autoflex coatings which is a high quality finish that is completely reversible!

Q: What is the application process?

A: Your vehicle is cleaned, degreased and masked prior to the multi-stage process. This includes a base coat, color coat and clear coat. Minimal disassembly is required minimize damage of OEM clips and parts, we also never use sharp blades/knives like some vinyl installers protecting your original paint

Q: Is this the same thing as Plastidip?

A: No! Unlike plastidip, Autoflex is only offered in a professional install application and comes with a clear/top coat that is available in a waxable, buffable, UV protected High Gloss or Matte & Satin Finishes.

Q: Is there a difference between Peelable Paint and Wrap?

A: Peelable Paint or "Liquid Wrap" does not shrink like vinyl wrap, offers unlimited colour options including OEM finishes. It can be waxed, buffed and even wet sanded. Peelable Paint also offers a UV protective coating to protect your OE paint from the elements. It also acts as a stone/chip deflector.

Q: Can I customize or pick a colour?

A: Yes! The possibilities are endless, want an OEM colour? we offer peelable paint in OEM grade quality. Looking for something a little more unique? We can achieve high gloss, matte & satin finishes in any colour!

Q: How do I maintain it?

A: Autoflex coatings high gloss finishes are waxable/buffable and be cut and polished just like real paint. We recommend a professional detailer

Q: How long does the peelable last?

A: Autoflex coatings offers a protective clear coat sealing in the paint, that is gasoline resistant, and provides similar characteristics to real paint designed to last 4 or more years.

Q: Paint is very Expensive, How much does it cost?

A: Peelable paint is more cost effective than traditional paint and it is completely removable! This allows leased cars to be restored to original form. Unlike re-painting an entire car which may degrade value, this next generation of paint protects your asset's value. AutoFlex is also a competitive alternative to Vinyl Wrap.

Q: Do I need to notify the MTO of the color?

A: Yes, the Ministry of Transportation requires an updated registration of the new color within 10 days of the completion

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